The UAM LLM IP & IT programme combines classroom work with practical training in various sectors and is revised each semester to incorporate new legal and technological developments.

The programme (60 ECTS) is divided into seven compulsory courses and one optional course of Legal English.

The Trademarks and Design, Unfair Competition, Adverstising and Fashion Law and Patents and Transfer of Technology courses are taught in co-operation with the law firm Uria & Menéndez through case studies.

Some of the classes on International IP Law and are given in English by leading European scholars, including Prof. Bensamoun (Paris-Sud University), Prof. Gotzen (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven), Prof. Lucas-Schloetter (Ludwing Maximilians Universität, Munich), Prof. Maniatis (Queen Mary- University of London), Prof. Shemtov (Queen Mary-University of London), Prof. Torremans (Nottingham University) and Prof. Von Lewinski (Max Planck Institute/New Hampshire University).

I. Copyright law

  1. Copyright basics.
  2. The work and the author. Case studies.
  3. The economic rights of the author. Case studies.
  4. Limits to exclusive rights. Case studies.
  5. Duration of economic rights. Case studies.
  6. Transfer of copyright.Case studies.
  7. Moral rights. Case studies.
  8. The rights of artists and producers: Practical training.
  9. Related Rights and the Copyright Register.
  10. International protection of copyright and related rights.
  11. Copyright in Europe: France, Germany, the UK.

II. Creative and Technological Industries

  1. The Publishing Industry. Electronic publications.
  2. Performing arts sector.
  3. The Music Industry. Musical contracts.
  4. The Audiovisual Industry. Audiovisual contracts
  5. Art and Architecture markets. Contracts
  6. The Software Industry. Licensing.
  7. The Database Industry. Licensing.
  8. The Videogames Industry. Contracts. Technological measures.
  9. Internet: web pages, user-generated content (UGC) and P2P programmes
  10. Ownership of Copyright in the Public Sector. Contracts.

III. Litigation and Copyright Management

  1. Preliminary investigations and precautionary measures.
  2. Civil IP actions. Substantive and procedural questions. 
  3. IP Mediation and arbitration.
  4. Criminal IP remedies.
  5. IP criminal offences: Practical aspects.
  6. Administrative IP remedies.
  7. Collective management societies–I. Legal regime.
  8. Collective management societies–II. Functioning and licences.
  9. Collective management societies–III. Royalties and Competition Law.

IV. Trademarks and Designs

  1. Legal regime of national and community trade marks.
  2. Registration of national trade marks in OEPM.
  3. Registration of community trade marks in OHIM.
  4. Case studies on national and community trade marks.
  5. International protection of trade marks.
  6. Designations of origin and geographical indications.
  7. Criminal offences in Trade mark Law.
  8. International litigation on trade marks.
  9. Mediation and arbitration in trade mark cases.
  10. Industrial design. National Law
  11. Community design.
  12. Case studies in national and community designs.

V. Unfair competition

  1. Unfair competition and IP law-I.
  2. Unfair competition and IP law-II.
  3. Case studies on unfair competition.
  4. Advertising industry. Advertising and unfair competition.
  5. Contracts in the advertising industry.
  6. Self-regulation in the advertising industry.
  7. Fashion Law. Industrial design, Copyright, trade marks.
  8. Case studies. Contracts and litigation in the fashion industry.
  9. Image rights.
  10. Case studies on image rights and contracts.

VI. Patents

  1. Patent law–I: Patentability requirements. Sufficiency of the description. Case studies.
  2. Patent law–II. Application and licence. Case studies.
  3. Patent law–III. Infringement of patent Law. Case studies.
  4. Sectors: Pharmaceutical and chemical patents. Mechanical and electronic patents.
  5. Civil patent remedies: Practical training.
  6. Administrative patent remedies: Practical aspects.
  7. Protecting plant varieties.
  8. Transfer of technology between businesses. Aspects of Competition Law.
  9. Transfer of technology contracts.Case studies.
  10. R&D in the public sector. Transfer of technology and protection of research results.

VII. Electronic Commerce and Data Protection

  1. Electronic Commerce Regulation
  2. Contracting on the Internet. Hosting and network access contracts.
  3. On-line licenses of digital contents.
  4. Legal regime of Internet search engines.
  5. Legal aspectos of social networks and cloud computing.
  6. The on-line gaming sector.
  7. Liability of intermediaries in the web 2.0
  8. Data Protection. National and EU Legislation.
  9. Industrial Property Agents
  10. Data and cookies due diligence:Practical training.


  1. The Legal Profession.
  2. The Language of Banking
  3. The Language of Contract Law
  4. The Language of Employment Law
  5. The Language of the Law of Tort
  6. Understanding Contracts (1)
  7. The Language of Business Law
  8. The Language of Intellectual Property Law (1)
  9. Modern Letter Writing
  10. The Language of Company Law
  11. Understanding Contracts (2)
  12. The Language of Intellectual Property Law (2)