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General information

Duration: One academic year, September–July.
Teaching: classroom-based, compatible with work.
Contents: The programme corresponds to 60 ECTS credits, of which 51ECTS credits are for classes taught at the UAM (450 face-to-face hours) and 9 ECTS credits for internships carried out in our Sponsoring Entities (225 working hours).
Timetable: Classes will be from Monday to Friday, from September 7th, 2.020 to May 31th, 2.021, from 16:00 to 20:00.
Fridays will be spent on the optional module of Legal English (12 weeks from February to April) and to accommodate some sessions of the obligatory modules for organisational reasons.
The official internship programme runs from 1 June to 31 July.
Location: Aula 1 of the UAM School of Law (Cantoblanco Campus). Classes are taught in PERSON.
Qualification obtained: LL.M. in Intellectual Property Law and New Technologies from the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid (LL.M. IP & IT).
The LL.M. IP & IT is one of the postgraduate “Own Degrees” officially approved by the UAM, and is issued by the Rector of the University. The certificate states that the student has passed the studies required in accordance with article 2 of Royal Decree 55/2005 (Official State Gazette 25 January 2005).

Admission and methodology

A maximum of 40 students are admitted.
All applicants must have a higher university degree (an undergraduate degree or bachelor’s degree) obtained in Spain or another European Union (EU) member state. Students with a degree from a non-EU country may also apply for the LL.M., as long as their degree qualifies them for postgraduate study in accordance with Spanish legislation.
All applicants must complete the on-line application form.
Teaching methodology and assessment
The teaching methodology of the LL.M. IP & IT is eminently practical, with a combination of participative classroom sessions, resolving case studies, working in groups to role-play contractual negotiations or litigation proceedings and participation in the internship programme in sponsoring entities.
The LL.M. IP & IT seeks to afford students as realistic an experience as possible, both in and out the classroom, paying special attention to aspects such as comparative law studies, command of English or exchange progammes with other European Universities, turning the students into lawyers distinguished by their training, goals and professional initiative.
Students can take advantage of an innovative Virtual Campus, where they can interact directly with the lecturers. The final assessment of the LL.M. takes into account continuous assessment of classroom work, written examinations (mid-course and final) and internships.