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Duration and remuneration of interships
The official period for internships in Sponsoring Entities (equivalent to 9 ECTS credits–225 hours) runs from 1 June to 31 July. However, it is common for internships to begin earlier, in a timetable compatible with the academic demands of the LL.M.. The average length of internships is three months.
It is often possible for students to extend this period provided the student, the LL.M. Directive Board and the Sponsoring Entity agree.
Internships may or may not be remunerated. If remunerated, students are paid by the Sponsoring Entity. The amount of remuneration will vary according to the criteria of each company, law firm or entity where the work is carried out. Based on previous editions of the LL.M., approximately 75% of internships are remunerated.
Students who do not wish to carry out an internship may submit a thesis, which is equivalent to 9 ECTS. Presentation and defence of thesis are governed by current regulations.